Veyo Pool & Crawdad Canyon is closed for the season.


Camping, climbing, and group events by reservation only. Contact Us for more information.



We offer private pool reservations after our normal pool operating hours. Contact Us for more information.


IMPORTANT: Each individual visiting Veyo Pool and Crawdad Canyon is required to sign a Liability Form or they won’t be allowed to enter the property. Save yourself time and Sign the Waiver ahead of time.

PLEASE NOTE: No animals, including dogs, may be brought into the Canyon, with the exception of ADA Service Animals. Please see the ADA FAQ for details on what qualifies as a service animal. Note that “The ADA makes a distinction between psychiatric service animals and emotional support animals… if [a] dog’s mere presence provides comfort, that would not be considered a service animal under the ADA” and would not be permitted on the premise.




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All Guests Must Sign Our Waiver?

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